Tim Cook Is A Harsh, Unrelenting Leader Who Can Cut His Employees To Pieces Just Through Silence

When he was first named CEO he relevant internet site made it so Apple would do matching contributions to charities.Cook eats in Apple's cafeteria and introduces himself to employees he doesn't know.

The book is called "Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs." It was written by former Wall Street Journal Apple reporter Yukari Iwatani Kane. He's generous. He had an "inhuman" level of stamina. Kane says, "Meetings with Cook could be terrifying." He could ask the same question of an employee 10 times in a row. He wakes up every morning at 4-5 a.m. Cook made a movie about house hunting in Palo Alto, and the high price of real estate in the late '90s. In short, Cook is a workaholic, who obsesses over details. He would spend days in Asia, return to California, and head straight to work. He could do more with a pause than Jobs ever could with an epithet.

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What It's Like Working For Tim Cook - Business Insider
Read the whole thing at the WSJ, it's a good look at Cook and Apple >. The Journal ran an excerpt of the book today. When someone was unable to answer a question, Cook would sit without a word while people stared at the table and shifted in their seats."
The excerpt is largely a profile of Cook.
Kane says that some colleagues call Cook a blank slate. When he finally bought his own place it was 2,400 square foot home on a half lot with a single parking space.His first sports car was a used Porsche Boxster.When Apple was going to release iMovie, Jobs asked all the executives to make home movies to test the software. Despite being CEO of the world's most valuable company, there isn't much known about Cook. He rented a house without air conditioning for years.
We're getting some new details on Apple CEO Tim Cook from a forthcoming book on Apple in the post Steve Jobs era. He doesn't have much of a social life outside of Apple. He would ask, "Why is that?" "What do you mean?" "I don't understand. He's frugal, and generous. He works out, then heads to the office. His employees crammed for the meetings like they were cramming for a final exam. Cook's weekly meetings could last five to six hours as he went over every single detail. Why are you not making it clear?"Kane reports, "Cook also knew the power of silence. His hobbies are rock climbing and mountain biking. He eats protein bars all day and has simple meals like chicken and rice. She reports, "As far as anyone could tell, Cook had no close friends, never socialized and rarely talked about his personal life."Cook led a relatively simple life. If any number was wrong or missing, Cook would know. He volunteers at soup kitchens, he gives away frequent flier miles as presents, and he's participated in bike rides to raise money for charity

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