LinkedIn Intro email service dead after 4 months

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The LinkedIn blog doesn't precisely specify the primary reason Intro will be shutting down except for you to say, "We are making large, long-term investments in a few large bets, and so as to always be able to ensure his or her success, we have to please click your subsequent web site concentrate upon fewer things."
The subsequent large tech convention is actually MWC 2014 - here's what we be prepared to see.
LinkedIn is actually kicking Intro out the door.

Next steps?
Announced in October as a new feature for your iPhone Mail system, Intro didn't seem to impress extremely many people.
LinkedIn Intro e-mail service dead right after 4 months | Information | TechRadar
The app will officially disappear from iPhones in March 7, that provides anyone with precisely any month to follow steps to disable the service or, according to The Particular Verge, the email accounts will cease to work properly.

The organization seems enjoy it will still try out email services to check for "ways to bring this kind of functionality to be able to our members" - using "this" referencing LinkedIn's network.
There isn't something more specific beyond which nevertheless we could appear forward to another perhaps, much better expertise through LinkedIn later

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