Deal: Moto X on Verizon With MotoMaker Now $49.99 on Contract Until End of Year

moto x verizon
moto x verizon deal
Via: ? MotorolaCheers Roberto!

Still contemplating whether your Moto X is perfect for you? feel totally free to take a little additional occasion should you are on Verizon. Launched today, your present offer will land a custom-made Moto X about Verizon from yet another $50 off, generating it just $49.99 using new 2-year contract.
I my response would imagine that will not include the brand new Bamboo option, however the buy price isn't precisely showing the actual $50 price reduction for me personally in this time either (Edit: It's apparently happening from checkout). The idea ought for you to be stay prior to long. Well, you have until like it the finish involving 2013 to be exact, to get the most recent deal via Motorola's MotoMaker site. Again, you've until December 31 to end up being able to pick up your Moto X only in that price.?

The $49.99 cost is for the 16GB model.

Deal: Moto X about Verizon Using MotoMaker Right now $49.99 in Contract Until Finish of 12 Months | Droid Life

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